Debbie's Story

Debbie Stack, Trainer, Vision Dog Training

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass is …… a life saver! I was sick to death of my old job and life is too short. I really wanted to do something that I love, Dogs and Training. There certainly have been some challenging times and I expect there will be more, but if it wasn’t for this class I would have given up ages ago. Thank you Tenille.

The course helped me establish the right “Mindset” and the group is supportive, creative and real! When I am full of doubt, feeling overwhelmed or simply need to change my outlook I am reminded of the many helpful ideas to change my perception and gain a more positive outlook.

There is no way I would have been able to implement all the Masterclass learning quickly enough to be able to leave my old job and be successful! Tenille also often gives new challenges to keep up motivation and a reminder on how to stay on track. There is so much important information, it is great to have refreshers.

Lessons for this module 22
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