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The Dog Matters Academy Presents - Virtual Dog School

Do you experience the daily joy of your dog listening to your instructions the first time, every time, no matter where you are? 

It’s such a good feeling but not only that, makes life for both you and your dog more fun and gives you more freedom. 

Not there yet? 

Then you’re in the right place because that’s what we do here at the Dog Matters Academy, and Virtual Dog School is our flagship course for dog owners everywhere who just want their dog to listen attentively so that life together is a delight, not a drag. 

So now you might be wondering, what exactly is Virtual Dog School?

It’s a dog training program with both easy to follow video lessons and written walk-throughs. 

In these videos, I’m your trainer and I use real life examples of new dogs learning in real time. 

It’s the same lessons I teach to people who train with me in person, for a fraction of the price. 

While I can’t quite reach through the screen and take the leash, it’s the next best thing as I break down the training into easy steps and you can progress at your own pace. 

But you’re not alone. Joining any of the Dog Matters Academy training courses gets you in as a member to our private support group where you can ask questions any time and receive answers from both myself and other members. 

Got a dog training question? We are there to help. 

Need more detail? Post a video of your dog and we can give specific feedback. How much you use the group is up to you! 

So what will I learn?

I’m glad you asked! This is a complete training course so there’s plenty to cover! Let’s dive in:

    • How dogs learn - I don’t want to just tell you what words to say to your dog. I want you to develop a real understanding of how dogs learn so that when you're teaching them, you can actually understand each other better. Often when I meet new dogs for training, the owner remarks that they respond so well to me and that it must be the fact that I carry treats. But the owner has the same treats I have and still see that the dog is responding better to me in the beginning. This is because dogs love clarity. When you know how to clearly communicate to your dog, it’ll be like a weight off their shoulders. They’ll feel like you finally understand them and they finally understand you! 
    • This will actually help your dog be happier and even decrease anxiety because they will now know what you want from them.

    • Important life skills - These life skills include the manners training that goes beyond the traditional sit and stay type of obedience. You will have the skills that you and your dog can use daily without planned training sessions. These are the behaviours  that you actually need in day to day life.
    • Obedience skills - so that when you give a command to your dog, they do it the first time, happily! Again, we go beyond the traditional sit and stay. We train obedience for real life situations. All explained in plain language and laid out in an easy to follow format. 
  • ​What do you get from all this?
  • A better relationship with your dog. And why wouldn't you want that?!

Diving into the lessons:

Okay, so what’s in the modules? Let’s lay it out:

Module One: Foundations

You can’t build a house without scraping the dirt. Often overlooked but so impactful, these are the foundational lessons that will set you up to have lots of wins with your dog. Inside we cover:

  • Getting Set Up With Equipment & Rewards
  • How Dogs Learn
  • What Is A Reward (choosing the best one for YOUR dog)
  • Marker Training
  • The Release Word
  • Leash Handling 
  • Whining & Dining: Using Environmental Enrichment
  • Whining & Dining: Slowing Down Scoffers With Slow Feeder Bowls

Module Two: Mutts About Manners

Remember how we talked about manners training that counts most every day? This is where we cover how to train those polite choices that your dog needs to make daily and the life skills that make your time together the most enjoyable it can be. This includes:

  • Nothing In Life Is Free and what this really means  
  • Meal time manners
  • House manners (so you can trust your dog in the house)
  • The Leave It Command
  • Place Training (staying on a bed until released)
  • Socialisation and what this really means (most people only get a fraction of this right)
  • Teaching your dog to offer focused attention automatically
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Physical handling
  • Crate Training
  • Using Toy Rewards 
  • What to do if your dog isn’t food motivated

Module Three: Making Sit Happen

This is the module where we teach more of the traditional obedience skills that we think of when we think of dog training. But maybe not in the traditional way you’re expecting. Because I am not your traditional kind of girl! So let’s do it the fun way:

  • Coming when called EVERY TIME and with VIGOUR
  • Using a long line (without falling over)
  • The super charged recall
  • The sit
  • The down
  • The stand
  • Teaching a rock solid stay
  • Fading out lures and treats (we are about rewards but not bribes)

 Bonus Module: Clicks & Tricks

Ever wanted to teach your dog something cool and get the neighbours talking, in a good way?

Impress even your in-laws with not just how well-mannered your dog is but with the cute AF tricks they can do! This is a bonus module to get you started on teaching some extra tricks. 

But they aren’t all just to show off. Many have practical uses too, like improving your vet visits and grooming. 

  • All about using a clicker (if you want to)
  • Target training
  • Teaching a spin
  • Teach your dog to blow bubbles
  • Conditioning for care - the handy chin rest skill (this one is practical and can help at the vets!)
  • Starting nose work - can you get your dog to find your keys by scent?

BONUS: The Training Vault

It’s varied, yet exciting. Take a spin and open the door to the VAULT - you’ll find many treasures inside. 

This is where we store recordings of live video calls we have run in the group and special presentations we have added to the Academy. We show examples training with clients I have seen and recorded. This includes examples where things haven’t gone to plan! Because it’s all so valuable to learn from. 

From case studies to member questions, there’s too much to list in the vault. 

Now that I’m sure you’re barking to get your paws on this course

AND it's only a one off payment of $149 usd.

Oh. My. Dog. 

If you’re the type of person who loves to give their dog the best, you already know what to do next. Hit the button below to sign up and you’ll get instant access to the course with a login sent right to your inbox. 

Time to stop reading and start training! 

Tenille xo

6 Modules

Clicks & Tricks

Have you ever wanted to know how to teach your dog impressive tricks? It’s not just about showing off. Trick training builds your bond with your dog, makes communication between you easier, keeps them mentally tired at the end of a session (so you can relax) and makes them more obedient!

Whining & Dining

In this module, we lay out an enrichment plan for your dog to help keep them occupied and mentally stimulated when you're not around. This means they won't be as bored - or get into trouble! 

Modules for this product 6
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