Sarah's Story

Sarah G, Trainer

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass has literally changed my life. Dog training is my passion and I wanted nothing more then to be able to train dogs full time and turn it into a career that I could afford to live off.

Before doing the course I would get the occasional client who would stick around for 2, maybe 3 sessions, and then would not continue training. Most of my clients never did their homework, but I was taking on every client that came my way, thinking that it was the only way to grow my business. I spent hundreds of dollars on marketing and advertisement, making nothing in return for all my money and time invested. It made me constantly anxious about whether or not this would ever turn into a full time job, and it continued this way for 3 years, until I discovered the Dog Matters Pro Masterclass.

Within 2 months of starting the course, I was getting regular clients. And I was getting paid 3x more per hour then I was previously charging, and clients were happy to pay it. Fast forward to now, one year after starting the course. I am running my own business, full time, making a full time wage that I can afford to live off! I have a steady income, my clients are amazing and do their homework, and as a result I am getting awesome results with the dogs, which causes word of mouth and more clients to come my way! I could not be any more thrilled.

There is no chance that without Tenille and the Dog Matters Pro Masterclass that I would have been able to achieve this, running my own dream job. Being my own boss. Not having to work a job I hate, just to pay the bills. Or see clients that I didn’t like, because I thought that I had to take on everyone. I am living my dream, all the while putting in less hours and money, to make an infinitely larger income from my business. Things are continuing to grow, and for when things do start to slow down the course has taught me what to do to get new cash flowing again. I feel so prepared, and I could not be happier with everything that Tenille has taught me. Thank you!

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