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You Don't Need To Dread Walking Your Dog Anymore...


A dog you can be proud of, wherever you are...

I get it - you know dogs. When you go to a BBQ, all the dogs love you and people call you the dog whisperer. You've spent enough time with dogs to know how they're supposed to behave.  

Which is exactly why it's so frustrating and embarrassing that your dog is so, er, challenging. I mean, at home, your dog is an angel. I know that. You know that. The postman... questions that. But knows it deep, deep down.  

It's just that when you go on a walk and see other dogs, all hell breaks loose. Instead of the dog whisperer, you imagine passersby calling you the, "poor lady with the crazy dog."  

It just feels so unfair that Carol down the street has a dog that has no training and it seems to just do everything perfectly. But you know you spend more time trying to train your dog and you still get the dog that's hard to handle! 

Here's the thing: yes, if your dog is reactive, there's a problem. But you should also know, it's not your fault. The truth is?  


Some dogs challenge us no matter how hard we've tried to do everything, "right." It's unfair. It sucks. It's embarrassing and it's frustrating. And the dog is never happy about it either. 

Yes, your dog is likely unhappy too. But here’s the good news:  



Teach your dog that you have his/her back no matter what and that the best choice in any situation is to focus on you. Your dog can walk calmly past other dogs, people, motorbikes, ANYTHING, because you’ve taught them that it’s their choice BUT the best choice is always you. Your face, your voice, your direction.  


Picture a loose leash no matter where you are with your dog, or what’s around you. By what’s around you I mean your dog’s toughest distractions, and by focus on you, I mean your dog will WANT to listen to your voice and commands because they know you’ll guide them safely past their nemesis if they just stay calm and focus on you.  


MASTER WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MASTER. You may have heard it before: your own thoughts and feelings affect your dog’s behaviour. If you can’t change your own habits, you won’t be able to change your dog’s. Learn without judgement what YOU need to do for your dog. And speaking of feelings, you can look forward to how it feels to be the envy of the neighbourhood with your dog, instead of the struggling lady with the crazy dog.  

ENTER… FRANTIC TO FOCUSED… the at-your-pace learning course to train YOU to teach your dog how to give up their reactivity to other dogs (or anything else that distracts or scares them) and focus on you, anywhere you are. Even if you only have 15 minutes per day. 

And who’s going to guide you along the way? ME!  

That’s right, I am! If you want a formal and cliche intro, I can tell you that I’m qualified through the National Dog Trainer’s Federation and that I’ve been working with reactive dogs and all sorts of behaviour problems for over 7 years in person and more recently, online to reach more people like you.  

Less formally? I love seeing that moment on someone’s face when they realise that what they thought wasn’t possible, is actually happening. I see it all the time with the owners of difficult dogs. And I’ve been lucky enough to see it hundreds of times.  

I might not see your face when you have your breakthrough, but I still want you to experience it. But snap a selfie if you can.  

Other than helping you help your dog to impress you and your neighbours, I also like travel, music and the underwater world. And I get to train other species than dogs! Monkeys, emus and dingoes are among the other animals I’ve trained with. 

In fact, the main training I do with these other species is very relevant to you and your dog. It’s often about working through fears and getting more comfortable with the things around them. When your dog is reactive, your dog is most likely experiencing fear and discomfort and will be happier when we help them through it.

What You Can Expect From Frantic To Focused…

Sign up and you’ll get: 

  • Easy to digest video lessons as well as downloadable PDF transcripts you can take with you anywhere Discover how to “set the stage” for future success - most dog owners skip this step altogether (and nothing works without it)
  • Find out the simple, but powerful three-part mindset for training your dog (once you get it, you’ll feel like a professional dog trainer)
  • Learn how to assess your dog’s “distance threshold” and how discovering that threshold can make it much easier to break your dog’s bad habits.
  • Learn how to remove anxiety and stay grounded during your walk from a clinical psychologist (something most of us can use in other areas of our daily lives as well)  
  • How to choose the right equipment for training your dog so it actually works as intended... and is sturdy enough to only have to buy it once  
  • Choose the right reward for your dog (hint - it doesn’t have to be food) 
  • Discover the secret mechanism, by which your dog learns… and how not to accidentally teach your dog the opposite of what you want them to be doing  
  • Find out what are “marker sounds” and “release words” and how they can help your dog learn (also find out which ones work best for your dog)  
  • Discover how to hold your dog’s leash (it’s a simple thing that almost every dog owner does wrong... and it’s a core reason why you can’t control your dog)  
  • Learn how to muzzle train your dog… and how to use the muzzle as nothing more than a safety backup for your own peace of mind)  
  • What to do when the reward you’re offering no longer works  
  • How to train your dog from scratch to obey your commands by only using some gentle leash pressure (never hurts to have one more trick up your sleeve, does it?)  
  • Find out the easy and gentle techniques to “focus train” your dog, even with distractions around  
  • Learn how to do “loose lead walking” and why, surprisingly, it’s actually a much better way of controlling your dog then tightening the leash  
  • Discover the philosophy behind the NILIF approach - it works as well as it does because it uses your dog’s basic psychological triggers to produce results (instead of using weird methods that will only confuse your dog)  
  • Discover the magic of “target training” - a training method that dogs enjoy… and which makes you look like a total pro  
  • Find out how “crate training” can help with clingy dogs (and see the difference in comfort for both you and your dog once you apply this method)  
  • Learn the strategies for teaching your dog to respond to each of the essential commands that every dog should know (and a few cool lesser-known ones as well!)  
  • Find out the polite way to avoid strangers when you have an easily frightened/aggressive dog  
  • Find out what to do when your dog gets triggered and stops responding to your orders 
  • Discover how to use the “leave it” command around a dog’s anxiety/aggression trigger  
  • A plethora of real life case studies that show you how to put this information to good use 
  • and more (structured in easy to do daily routines that take no more than 5 minutes a day if you're short on time* 


Join Now And Also Get Awesome Bonuses:

  • Lesson transcripts to download and keep, so you have the entire course in written format
  • Live call replays including a call we had with a psychologist teaching how to manage the feelings at the human end of the leash
  • Unlimited course access for one year - plenty of time to achieve all your dream dog goals. Renew annually to keep up with your dog's training
  • Access to the Dog Matters Academy VIP Facebook group to support you along the way
  • I sell programs like this to in person clients for $2500 or more and they are learning the same techniques. Save even more by learning online!


This Program Will Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You want to increase the bond and strengthen the relationship that you have with your dog.
  • You have tried other options and you’re ready to make a change to solve the issues.
  • You are open to setting boundaries, saying no and using corrections with your dog if required - we teach you to teach your dog both sides of the coin.
  • You are willing to use lots and lots of rewards with your dog and make training FUN.



15 Minutes Per Day. That's It. 

This comprehensive program provides simple, balanced minded training for your furry family member.  

Developed from my professional experience with hundreds of dogs, showing real dogs learning in real time, these lessons contain most, if not all that you’ll ever need to know.  

Best of all, the training is designed to fit in a busy schedule. All you need to do is follow the steps I’ve laid out. At home. Nothing complicated. For 15 minutes or so per day. That might just be as easy as it gets.


The Best Time Is Now

When you join today, you gain access to the same program that my clients pay upward of $2000 for. Except… you get to use it from the comfort of your own home. To top it off, the course is designed in a way that you’d only need 5-15 minutes a day for training with your dog if you're strapped for time.  

It actually isn’t fair to my offline clients that not only do you get to do the course at your own leisure, without sacrificing too much time… but you also get to have it for a fraction of the usual price.  

If you're thinking you'll put it off until another time, ask yourself, will there ever be a time where conditions are perfect to do the things we are putting off? The best time is now, and I'm sure you and your dog can't wait to be more calm and have more fun together - why delay that?

When you buy now, you will instantly receive access to the complete program - everything you need to make your dog the most calm, loyal and happy pet it can be, at your pace, and at your dog's pace. No rush. You'll get a whole year's access to the course.




Bonus #1: Personal Attention from Me ($497 value)  

I realize that as complete as this course is, I can never think of everything. That’s why I’m offering my time to help you with any problem you might encounter with your dog.

When you buy the course, you’ll have the ability to post your training questions under each lesson or in the bonus Facebook group and ask for my feedback. You get to study at your own pace AND get personal attention from me as well.  

Bonus #2 : Coaching Call Recording with a Licensed Psychologist ($100 value)

Birdy O’Sheedy is a psychologist and a fellow dog lover. As a bonus to “Frantic to Focused”, you will receive a recording, where she takes you by the hand and tells you how to handle every aspect of you walking your dog.  

It’s easy for us to think it’s our dogs that need training… but we need it too. The more we learn how to manage our own behaviour, the easier it will get to manage our dog as well. Other users have said that this training has made them more confident and assertive, which leaks through to other areas of their lives as well.

Your Dream Dog Is Now Within Reach

It doesn’t get easier than that. And yes, the course is an investment - a way smaller investment than if you go to a live trainer…where both the cost and the time spend would be a lot greater.  

Save yourself the trouble and take advantage of this easy, highy effective program and this special offer. Join our other clients who are already enjoying their happier, more focused dogs. You’re the next in line!


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What To Expect

The Frantic To Focused program is self paced and you have unlimited access once you join. Even a little time put in each day makes a big difference to your dog's behaviour. 

Check out the Lesson sections to see how this program has benefitted students who took part.

Join us and enjoy your happier, more focused dog. It's your turn!

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